How To Support A HEALTHY GUT (Your Stomach Will Thank You!) | Dr. Steven Gundry

By you’ve now learned the significance of probiotics with regards to gut health.

However with nearly 8,000 identified probiotic strains, it’s reasonable to question which friendly bacteria might have the Greatest effect on your wellbeing.

That is why I welcomed back Colleen Cutcliffe – the Chief executive officer and co-founding father of Pendulum Therapeutics

Colleen and that i lately did a chapter discussing the advantages of Akkermansia – an amazing durability-supporting bacteria.

She’s to provide us with the most recent and finest with regards to ground-breaking microbiome research.

Colleen and that i reveal among the lesser-known, incredibly potent probiotic strains – and also the amazing effect it might dress in your wellbeing.

We share other simple, effective means of supporting your microbiome, including a number of Pendulum’s best-selling solutions.

About this episode you’ll learn:

The lesser-known probiotic strain to help you support your gut barrier

Why GI sensitivities increase while you age (and ways you can get your “cast iron” stomach back)

Why eliminating gluten out of your diet may really be dangerous (and the way to help fix your sensitive stomach)

How menopause and stress can deplete important microbes – and also the secret to gaining them as well as your energy back

The most popular probiotic strain that will help support your essential gut-brain connection

The only real place you can aquire this effective probiotic for that Greatest effect on your wellbeing.

The clinically-studied product that might help support healthy bloodstream glucose and A1C levels

Effective probiotic strains you should know about (they haven’t yet been manufactured at scale so far)

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