How to STOP Flatulence (Farting): THIS REALLY WORKS!

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:00 Introduction: How you can STOP Wind (Farting): THIS Works!

2:33 What can cause wind?

4:39 How you can restore stomach acidity

7:32 Food intolerance

8:31 Avoid these gas-producing foods

10:05 Avoid sugar alcohols

11:20 Avoid gum

11:41 Avoid carbonation

Within this video, we’re going to speak about how you can stop wind.

An average joe farts between 5 and 15 occasions each day without any odor. For those who have an undesirable diet, you may experience more wind every day.

What can cause wind? Take a look at all six of these causes and remedies for gas.

#1 Low stomach acidity

Wind is hydrogen and methane gas produced by microbes while carb and fiber fermentation.

This method should really exist in your colon. If this happens in your small intestine, this relates to SIBO (small intestinal microbial overgrowth). SIBO may cause a number of other digestive issues.

Your stomach pH ought to be between 1 and 3—this is extremely acidic. Without high stomach acidity, your digestive process is defined under stress, causing many digestive issues.

The very best remedies for low stomach acidity:

• Betaine hydrochloride

• Apple cider vinegar treatment

Ginger root will also help soothe the stomach.

#2 Food intolerance

Another reason for gas is food intolerance. Lactose intolerance is a very common problem that occurs whenever your body lacks the enzymes that break lower lactose. Consequently, this will cause excess gas. You are able to avoid lactose or take enzymes which help break lower lactose.

Gluten intolerance can also be common—if you’re on Healthy Keto, you do not need to bother about gluten or grains.

Probiotics might help fortify your microbes and potentially increase enzyme production.

#3 Gas-producing foods

Avoid these common gas-producing foods:

• Fruit

• Beans

• Legumes

• Starches (like taters and grain)

• Sugar

• Certain cruciferous vegetables (The city sprouts, broccoli, cabbage)

• Onions

Rather, consume more:

• Lettuce

• Tomato

• Zucchini

• Olives

• Avocado

#4 Sugar alcohols and fiber

Keto-friendly low-calorie sweeteners, sugar alcohols, and fiber may cause digestive discomfort when ingested in excess. Should you start to experience gas, reduce your consumption of these keto treats.

#5 Gum

Gum and eating together with your mouth open can lead you to swallow excess air. Avoid eating together with your mouth open.

#6 Carbonation

Soda along with other bubbly drinks can increase gas in your body.

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Thank you for watching. I really hope this helped let you know that to prevent wind. I’ll help you within the next video.

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