How to perform a BICEP CURL – HOIST Fitness MotionCage Exercise

Bicep curls make the perfect, fundamental strength building exercise for those fitness levels that mimics the motions we perform in everyday existence. The HOIST Fitness Motion Cage’s Dual Hi Lo Lever station enables you to devise a large number of bicep exercises using tandem, alternating, and reciprocating movements. The Twin Hi-Lo Lever also accommodates a curling bar for dual arm curling.


– Arms, Anterior Shoulder


To start a curling movement, adjust the pulleys to some height suitable for the customer to understand the bar using their arms fully extended, and pin the stack at enough weight to supply a challenge. Go ahead and take bar within an underhand grip for bicep curls, or perhaps an overhand grip for reverse curls. The client’s ft ought to be roughly shoulder width apart and there must be a small bend within the knees. Elbows ought to be close to the body over the movement. Exhale and produce the bar to the chest, squeezing the bicep towards the top of the movement. Inhale and gradually return the bar towards the beginning position for an additional repetition.

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