How to feed your dog (for health and longevity) | Ep181

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Full show notes and transcript:

Obtain a DOG! It’s my personal favorite ‘prescription’ to provide patients. Dogs are excellent buddies, offer unconditional love and more importantly, they help you stay active!

But simply like we humans, dogs (and cats for instance) are facing a significant health crisis.

Weight problems and disease are rampant within our four-legged buddies. But yet, they’re developing health problems more youthful and more youthful.

But, it doesn’t need to be such as this.

Much like I only say that particular lifestyle and diet can prevent and reverse ailments in humans…

That you can do exactly the same for your loved one pet, based on my visitors.

I’m became a member of by Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, certainly one of America’s respected veterinarians and breed-specific diet expert…

And Rodney Habib, founding father of Planet Paws, the biggest pet health community on Facebook.

Their book, Forever Dog: Surprising New Science to assist Your Dog Companion Live More youthful, Healthier and Longer, reveals simple changes you may make inside your dog’s existence to assist them to thrive and live to some healthy, ripe senior years.

And who doesn’t want that for his or her pups, myself incorporated!?

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About this episode you’ll learn:

What a veterinarian isn’t suggesting concerning the animal healthcare system – and the way to better safeguard your dog from serious disease and illness (8:30)

The Large mistake 94% of dog parents make – and you skill to rather to potential extend your pets existence (12:25)

Expert consultancy on feeding your dog a raw food diet (plus tips to make it as convenient and price-effective as you possibly can) (19:41)

Why fasting isn’t just for humans – and just how lowering your dog’s eating window may help extend their existence (26:42)

Why most commercial treats really harm your dog – and also the BEST dog treats money can purchase (hint: they’re affordable and sure already inside your fridge) (37:04)

The most popular, but existence-threatening mistake I created using my dog’s diet (and also the simple change that saved her existence) (46:00)

Pointed out about this episode:

Rodney & Dr. Becker’s Book: The Forever Dog

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