How Much PROTEIN Do You Need? (Fix Your Diet) | Dr. Steven Gundry

“You appetite meat to construct muscle”

It’s something I hear Constantly.

However the truth from it is, protein isn’t all it’s cracked as much as be.

And actually, with regards to protein consumption generally, you will find a number of misconceptions surrounding this critical nutrient.

The like this episode I allow you to in on the reality regarding protein consumption. I’ll reveal the main one protein it is best to avoid, and explain why a vegetarian diet could be the healthiest diet available — EVEN if you wish to build big muscles.

Within this episode, you’ll learn:

– Just how much protein the body really needs every single day (the solution will surprise you)

– Why the creator of atkins acquired a lot weight and why atkins may have a similar impact on YOU

– The actual reason the “meat-only” carnivore diet works (hint: It Isn’t protein)

– An unexpected “hidden danger” in steak that may really harm your wellbeing

– Why the world’s “superolds” all share this 1 factor in keeping (and it is not their diet program)

– The Fir weird factor that occurs when seniors give up eating a lot protein

– The reality regarding “grass-fed” beef (prepare to become SHOCKED)

– Ways to get the advantages of cutting calories WITHOUT cutting calories every single day

– What my “cheat day” really appears like

– My personal favorite “on-the-go” protein snack

– My personal favorite supply of protein and just how it may “turn on” your durability genes (it also contains lectins!)

– The “salad solution” for meeting all of your body’s protein needs

– The “buggy” advantages of intermittent fasting (plus: The risks of fasting too lengthy)

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