How Ketones Affect Hormones and the Endocrine System

How can ketones affect your hormones and endocrine system? Watch this detailed video to discover. 


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:07 Insulin 

1:09 Glucagon 

1:39 IGF-1 & GH

3:06 Cortisol

4:21 Thyroid

5:34 Estrogen 

6:50 Androgens

Within this video, we are going to speak about how ketones affect hormones and those hormones. 

1. Insulin

Decreased insulin triggers producing ketones. If you have high insulin, you cannot enter into ketosis. Carbohydrates and frequent eating are what mainly trigger insulin. Cutting your insulin and running the body on ketones may have a large amount of health advantages. 

2. Glucagon 

Glucagon is really a hormone that can help mobilize and burn off fat. Glucagon is stimulated with a moderate sum of proteins, intense exercise, and reduced insulin. 

3. IGF-1

This can be a hormone that actually works much like growth hormones. IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) mobilizes fat fuel when you are refusing to eat or when you are keeping the insulin low. By consuming, IGF-1 goes lower, and insulin rises. 

4. Growth hormone 

Growth hormones is definitely an anti-aging hormone, it will help make proteins in your body, and it is a fat-burning hormone. 

5. Cortisol 

It is really an adrenal hormone. Should you undergo lots of stress, typically, your cortisol levels is going to be elevated. This elevated cortisol can eventually result in a spike in insulin. 

6. Thyroid hormones 

When you are on keto, and also you start making ketones, you may visit a stop by T3 (the active type of thyroid hormone). This isn’t an issue because ketones are an infinitely more efficient fuel than glucose, therefore the thyroid doesn’t have to operate as hard. Despite the fact that your T3 may be lower, you need to feel all right and also have plenty of energy. 

7. Estrogen 

Oestrogen can boost the sensitivity to insulin. For those who have low oestrogen levels, you might find you have more signs and symptoms of insulin resistance. Some women with additional weight after menopause may really become more oestrogen dominant because fat makes oestrogen. The healthy keto diet might help.

8. Androgens

A higher carb diet can decrease testosterone within the male body. In cases like this, you are running the body more about insulin, and you are not in ketosis. When you are getting into ketosis by doing the keto diet, you are able to enhance testosterone. A higher carb diet can really increase testosterone inside a woman’s body, causing hair thinning, hair on your face, an in-depth voice, along with a gut due to the high insulin. 

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Thank you for watching! I really hope this video can help you better know how ketones affect hormones and those hormones.

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