How HIV Destroys the Immune System

Here’s something essential you should know concerning the defense mechanisms.


:08 What’s Aids?

:32 The T assistant cell

2:10 Aids and also the T assistant cell

2:26 Assistant T cells—functions

3:52 Vitamin D

Within this video, I wish to share something vital concerning the defense mechanisms. That will help you appreciate this point, I will relate it to how Aids destroys the defense mechanisms.

Aids means hiv. Herpes causes something known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. This can be a broadly named condition that can produce a large amount of problems. Mainly, you lose your defense mechanisms.

Herpes includes a unique technique of attacking the assistant T cell. Using this method, it essentially knocks out all of your army.

The T assistant cell is among the T cells, and it is the most crucial immune cell. It’s needed for those adaptive responses.

Aids will fuse using the T assistant cell after which begin taking within the DNA and reproducing. This completely wipes your T cells. Now, you essentially do not have a lot of an defense mechanisms any longer.

Your T assistant cells:

• Activates and grows your killer T cells

These cells focus on killing infections

• Maximizes the killing power the macrophages

Macrophages are cells that eat infections and bacteria

• Activate B cells

B cells make antibodies which help neutralize chemical reactions

Should you eliminate the T assistant cell, you will not get any of these actions either.

There’s a nutrient that may keep T assistant cells strong. This nutrient is vitamin D. If you are deficient in vitamin D, your T assistant cells is going to be covered up. Vitamin D is vital in immune function.

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Aids utilizes a unique technique to destroy the defense mechanisms. It’s essential to pay attention to creating a strong defense mechanisms to assist avoid infections to begin with.

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