Helix Lateral Trainer Exercise Toning Aerobic Fitness

Would you love spinning classes but wish to mix things up?

Would you like to enhance your results, fast?

Let Helix™ classes kick the sofa–literally!

Discover why top Hollywood trainers are calling Helixing the following big factor in exercise classes

Why do different?

Most cardio trainers work front-to-back.

The Helix differs: it really works side-to-side. This lateral motion recruits more muscles and tones the low body more proficiently than other things youve attempted.

It super-tones All your lower body such as the butt, hamstrings and quads along with the elusive outer and inner thighs. All while incinerating calories and fat in a high rate.

What’s Helixing like?

Using the Helixs multi-directional motion, 8 resistance settings and three unique positions, Helix courses are dynamic, fun rather than boring.

•Outward lateral motion tones outer things

•Inward lateral motion tones inner thighs

•Squat position tackles glutes

•Tuck position targets the main

After almost half a century of cardio training on treadmills, bikes, rowers and steppers, finally someone first got it right having a machine that will it all!

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