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Full show notes and transcript:

Got Butyrate? Yes, these items Really will a body good!

If you were hearing this podcast for some time, you realize I really like this gut-health boosting, POSTbiotic known as butyrate.

Within my approaching book “Unlocking the Keto Code”, I’ll reveal how butyrate is really a health rockstar for a lot of reasons, including being able to help optimize your mitochondrial function.

And my special guest, John Eid, Chief Science Officer and co-founding father of Pendulum, is another big butyrate fan. Actually, he’s built a job around it by researching genomic technology and also the microbiome for more than 20 years.

About this episode, he provides for us an amazing 411 on everything butyrate.

We discuss why this special postbiotic is really required for wellness and the way to make certain the body produces enough which means you live a lengthy, healthy existence!

About this episode you’ll learn:

Why your “gut garden” wont flourish without THESE 3 compounds (and the way to have more of these) (6:00)

The “currency” from the gut – and why it’s so required for all around health (including preventing metabolic illness) (9:00)

How you can determine if bodies are producing butyrate or otherwise (and the way to test yourself at home) (12:00)

2 scrumptious, easy ways to excite your body’s manufacture of butyrate (14:30)

Why THIS my be the reason for persistent weight reduction – and the way to reinstate your body’s capability to burn off fat (19:00)

My Personal Favorite gut bug, why it’s so required for all around health, and ways you can get it in supplement form (for the first time!) (23:30)

Why Many people are running have less this important gut buddy – and the way to support your own body’s supply (30:00)

How 2 of my patients rich in-levels of insulin completely reversed their own health – by looking into making ONE change (33:00)

Pointed out about this episode:

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