He went lectin-free… and it changed EVERYTHING | Ep166

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If you were following a Plant Paradox Program for some time now, there’s a high probability you have been spending increasingly more amount of time in your kitchen area – and that is great!

Because the simple truth is, it’s rare to find healthy, lectin-free meals by eating out or ordering out of your favorite restaurants.

The so-thought “healthy” options – for example salads, soups, or veggie dishes – usually contain hidden harmful ingredients – like Omega-6 loaded oils or lectin-explosive device ingredients.

And even if you from time to time stumbled upon a truly lectin-free option, cooking in your own home is the BEST tool for locating success on my small program.

And my guest knows precisely what I am speaking about.

About this episode, I consult with The Sensitive Vegan. After battling with a few pretty serious health problems, he could completely turn his health around by using my Plant Paradox Program.

Lucrative has his personal lectin-free cooking funnel online, where he shares his creative recipes inside a step-by-step, simple to follow manner.

The Sensitive Vegan and that i share his impressive journey to health, strategies for vegans around the Plant Paradox, and professional cooking advice that will help you prepare the right path to higher health.

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About this episode you’ll learn:

The diet plan a number of my sickest people are following once they arrived at see me – and also the one nutritional change that can help them improve quickly (13:00)

How “treating this food with respect” can open a lot of options for vegans around the Plant Paradox (non-vegans will like that as well!) (15:00)

Why eliminating THIS food helps a lot of my patients who are suffering from autoimmune disease – and also the food swap which makes this a simple change for most of us (18:00)

The small-known trick for you to get vegan cheese to MELT (21:00)

The Sensitive Vegan’s trick to get enough B12 on the vegan, lectin-low diet – and why he states “cheating” every occasionally can really be considered a good factor (23:30)

Why keeping THESE 3 foods in the kitchen area make living lectin-low much simpler (and tastier) (37:00)

Things I discovered cooking from the winery in Toscana – and why it matters to improve your health (39:00)

My undertake why new, groundbreaking information frequently will get ignored by doctors – along with a tip for locating a physician you can rely on (45:00)

My MUST-know cooking trick for those responsive to garlic clove and onion (49:00)

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The Power Paradox: How to proceed Whenever Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has up and Gone – (pre-order here!)

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