He says: Doctors have it backwards | Ep144

Western Prescription medication is absolutely Efficient at treating the signs and symptoms of disease.

Actually, I’ve observed the incredible, existence-saving methodologies within my practice being an infant heart surgeon.

But with regards to disease prevention, most doctors only desire to prescribe a drug and give back out of the door.

Well, my guest today states American and European doctors have become just about everything about disease prevention totally BACKWARDS.

Dr. Franco Lenna is experienced in homeopathic and traditional medicinal practises, that they practices at his clinic in Pordenone, Italia (outdoors of Venice).

On today’s episode, Dr. Lenna and i’ll discuss what a trip to your physician COULD — and most likely SHOULD — seem like, the standard remedies he depends on together with his patients, and just how a far more holistic method of medicine could help your health.

Within this episode, you’ll learn:

(5:45) What Einstein can educate you about the healthiness of your cells

(8:30) How to talk with your cells for much better health

(14:00) Why the expression “body batteries” is not only a metaphor (and the way to transform yourself in to the Energizer Bunny)

(16:30) How you can scrub your body’s natural filters (and just how doing that may really assist you to live longer)

(20:30) The surprising “electric” METAL that’s really healthy for you

(25:00) A body organ that could really become more effective than your mind (and just how to help you prevent disease)

(34:00) How you can determine your TRUE age (and just how doing This enables you to feel more youthful beginning today)

(36:30) Why meditation works — and ways you can get exactly the same benefits without really meditating

(40:00) The way your pet can really heal YOU

(44:00) The supplements you are able to undertake a quick (and those you need to most likely skip)



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