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Gundry MD Vital Recharge is definitely an energizing VITAMIN, POLYPHENOL and ELECTROLYTE ENERGY BLEND that can help “charge up” your cells for improved energy, strength, stamina, endurance, focus, and fitness levels — regardless of how old you are. PLUS this blend is available in a refreshing and tart lemonade-flavor you’ll expect to consuming everyday! ⁠ Get the advantages of polyphenols TODAY!

Vital Recharge is loaded with: ⁠

🍋 Polyphenols ⁠

🍋 Magnesium⁠

🍋 B-Vitamins and Vitamin C⁠

🍋 Antioxidant protection⁠

🍋 Calcium⁠

And a whole lot! ⁠

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