Goji Berries | SuperFood or Super-Fad?

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SuperFood or SuperFad is Dr. Gundry’s new YouTube series where he dives in to the wild realm of food and diet trends to look for the truth about popular foods. On today’s episode, I’m here to speak about a fruit you’ve most likely seen at the local health foods store – Goji Berries.

Dried goji berries found their devote the diet world spotlight not very lengthy ago. The goji berry grows around the Lycium barbarum and Lycium Chinese plants but beware: these plants are based on the nightshade family meaning they contain high levels of lectins.

So though it may seem these dried berries are assisting you with weight reduction or enhancing your skin, you have to be conscious of goji berries negative effects. Goji berries are recognized for the minerals and vitamins they contain. Even though they’ve already vitamins and effective antioxidant qualities, they’re best prevented.

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