Glyphosate – A Global Health Threat, with Stephanie Seneff | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 127

Within our ever-more and more polarized world, there’s one subject of great interest in overall health that actually appears to out obvious variations in opinion. Glyphosate, the herbicide and active component in items like Roundup, continues to be touted by a few like a wonderful and safe method to rid crops as well as homes of annoying weeds. And clearly, individuals who feel positively relating to this chemical are now being heard as nearly 150,000 a lot of glyphosate are sprayed onto American crops each year. That means about 1 lb of glyphosate for everyone within our country. Which chemical gets into water we drink, the farming products we consume, as well as the environment we breathe.

On the other hand of the debate are individuals who believe that glyphosate represents a substantial threat to the health. Researchers, like our guest today, consider the available science and also have figured that, by numerous mechanisms, glyphosate may be responsible or at best contributory for any wide array of human ailments, from autism to dementia to autoimmune disease, and so much more.

This debate reaches the confusion all around the safety of GMO food. Typically, the genetic modification of plant seeds is carried out so the recently developed plant isn’t broken through the weed targeting action of glyphosate. This enables maqui berry farmers to spray GMO crops with glyphosate, get rid of the weeds, but still harvest the undamaged plant. But while there might or might not be worry about the particular genetic modification from the plant, this complete scenario sets happens for glyphosate to look within our foods and throughout our atmosphere.

That stated, this can be a fundamental nuance towards the GMO believe that absolutely must go into the discussion.


Stephanie Seneff, PhD is really a senior research researcher at MIT’s Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She’s a bachelor’s degree in biology having a minor in food and diet, along with a master’s degree, an engineer’s degree, along with a PhD in electrical engineering and information technology, all from Durch. She’s authored over three dozen peer-reviewed journal papers on topics relating human disease to dietary deficiencies and toxic exposures. She’s focused particularly around the herbicide glyphosate and also the mineral sulfur. Dr. Seneff splits her time equally between two homes in Hawaii and Massachusetts. She’s the writer of Toxic Legacy: The way the Weedkiller Glyphosate is Destroying Our Overall Health and also the Atmosphere (Chelsea Eco-friendly Publishing, June 2021).

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