Fructose: Bad for The Brain? – Dr. David Perlmutter Investigates

There’s a constantly-growing body of evidence that reveals the incredible threat resulting from nutritional fructose in multiple regions of human health. An eating plan greater in fructose is connected with elevated risk for putting on weight and diabetes type 2, and merely thinking about both of these processes alone, happens becomes looking for all sorts of other downstream maladies.

We’re now seeing robust data that relates fructose consumption to elevated chance of brain degeneration as well as compromised thinking processes. Within this video, I explore one recent publication which was quite extensive and related fructose consumption by means of beverages to some rapid rise in brain shrinkage in addition to a significant loss of cognitive function. Then we explore the mechanisms whereby this happens including how fructose is metabolized into the crystals, compounding the threat towards the brain.

Within my new book, Drop Acidity (, we go much much deeper in to the science that reveals how elevated the crystals, an item of fructose metabolic process, poses this type of significant threat towards the brain.


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