From Cancer to Her Healthiest Healthy – with Samantha Harris | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 152

Today we are going to speak about it, Your Healthiest Healthy, compiled by Samantha Harris. You’ll find more details about her lower below, but without a doubt concerning the book and our interview.

Samantha was essentially on the top around the globe, hosting various tv programs coupled with everything opting for her when she developed cancer of the breast. Initially, it describes her treatment and diagnosis protocol, and interestingly, the way the ultimate plan was put in play based on her deep participation within the decision-making process. After that, Samantha started to question why – why was this diagnosis something which joined her existence, despite not getting a particular genetic predisposition for cancer of the breast.

She then unpacks her entire variety of lifestyle choices and knows that she’s to create fairly dramatic alterations in such things as the meals she consumes, her contact with various toxins in her own home as well as in the different cosmetics that they used every day, in addition to her exercise activity, relationships. She deeply explores the idea of gratitude and providing back, particularly when it comes to why it’s a health choice.

It is really an very empowering, user-friendly book, for people, no matter our nature as it requires our overall health challenges.



:00 Intro

4:17 Samantha’s Cancer Diagnosis

18:17 Chemotherapy versus Mastectomy

27:21 Diet’s Effect on Cancer

37:01 Ecological Toxins

49:27 Speaking to Kids about Cancer

53:25 Conclusion


Millions viewed Samantha Harris co-host Dwts and Entertainment Tonight after which share her story of her cancer of the breast diagnosis at forty. Following the initial shock and recovery from the double mastectomy, she searched for solutions to why it might have happened and the ways to improve her all around health.

The Emmy-winning journalist, diet advocate, certified fitness expert, and mother of two offers her real-world techniques for overcoming adversity and systematically improving one’s total well-being. Your Healthiest Healthy combines her humorous, sometimes harrowing, always inspiring journey with research-backed advice, insights from doctors and scientists, and efficient tips into a simple-to-follow, eight-step guide. Her practical advice will empower readers to consume better, exercise smarter, reduce toxins around them, master medical awareness, handle health crises, strengthen relationships, boost positivity, and make resiliency. With this particular complete program, readers can maximize health, energy, and happiness for existence.


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