From 7 prescriptions a day – to the “clean 7” | Ep141

The data are shocking: We’re emitting greater than 250 billion a lot of chemical compounds each year — yes, that is correct, 250 BILLION TONS.

Even scarier, it’s believed that 12 million people — that’s one in 4 — die each year from health problems brought on by air, water, and soil pollution chemical exposure and global warming.

But my guest states that through the strength of detoxing – and most importantly, FOOD – we are able to support our body’s natural capability to battle illness and get over difficult health issues.

Joining me with this episode is a great friend, Dr. Alejandro Junger. Years back, we met as he would be a youthful cardiologist years back at Desert Medical in Palm Springs so we created a friendship, as well as did relief operate in India together.

Dr. Junger is another cardiologist, founding father of the Clean program, along with a three-time New You are able to Occasions bestselling author, including his latest book CLEAN 7.

As well as on this episode, we’re likely to explain the best way to harness probably the most effective healing tools on the planet to reduce your personal chronic signs and symptoms and illnesses permanently.

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