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Are you able to improve the caliber of your sleep, destress, increase your focus and improve your mood with a set of earphones?

Well my guest states yes!

About this episode, I consult with Dr. Daniel Cartledge, an interventional discomfort physician in the National Discomfort Institute. Together with his brother, Dr. Richard Cartledge, he invented and patented Zen earphones.

These special earbuds are made to really stimulate the vagus nerve – which you’ve heard me discuss within my books. It’s the communication path involving the brain as well as your other organs.

About this episode, we discuss the science behind Zen and the way your brain pertains to your state of health.

About this episode you’ll learn:

What your EARS relate to experiencing feelings of excitement – and you skill in your own home to feel more enjoyable and happy (1:33)

How aging changes the “balance inside your brain” – and you skill about this (5:48)

How discomfort management has dramatically altered during the last couple of decades – and just what it could mean to improve your health (6:45)

Dr. Cartledge’s trick for supporting his focus, mood, as well as brain health (and the best way to check it out from home) (8:30)

Why you might want to think about this “headphone-like” device prior to getting vagus nerve surgery (10:54)

The way your vagus nerve is linked to your digestive tract (and just how their relationship will help you slim down) (14:16)

The secret athletes do to assist them to recover faster in only half an hour – and the way to check it out on your own (25:00)

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