Expensive urine, or total game-changer? | Ep154

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With regards to supplements, I am an enormous nerd. Actually, I personally use a large number of supplements each day – and they’ve a significant impact in route I feel and look.

However, it had not been always this way.

Actually, I did previously joke that supplements only designed for costly urine.

Even though I have altered my estimation — so not every supplements are produced equal.

Regrettably, a few of the supplements you’ll find on store shelves aren’t all they’re cracked as much as be.

And that’s why high-quality supplements are extremely important — they may have a DRAMATIC impact on your wellbeing and durability and therefore are Worth the money and time.

But how can you decipher from a supplement which will do what it really states around the label and something that’s completely bogus?

Well, my guest is here now to assist. He’s Hector Lopez, a health care provider-researcher having a distinctively diverse background in sports medicine, exercise science, dietary biochemistry and clinical research.

Dr. Lopez co-owns and directs a built-in “Triad” of Business to business companies inside the nutritional supplement, functional foods and medical foods spaces.

As well as on today’s episode, we reveal the shocking truth about most of the supplements available on the market, share insider strategies for selecting the greatest-quality options, and discuss the astonishing new compound discovered by Dr. Lopez themself to help you improve your energy which help you lead an extended, more happy existence.

About this episode you’ll learn:

The frightening truth about nearly all supplements available on the market – and just what some “doctor-designed” supplement companies might be avoiding you

3 dead giveaways for identifying low-quality, ineffective supplements – and a pair of “label tricks” for locating a higher-quality alternative

Why some supplement ingredients are potentially Harmful — and the way to prevent them

6 “non-negotiable” supplements – and also the one supplement I suggest to Our patients (especially during COVID-19)

The “life-sustaining” compound you should know about – and just how taking it by means of vitamins could support your time, metabolic process, immune function, and much more

The durability breakthroughs which are keeping me up during the night (plus, the recently discovered health ingredients to consider soon)

2 simple strategies for following my Plant Paradox program — for those who Don’t wish to slim down

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