Excessive Thirst Remedies

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Here’s why you may be experiencing excessive thirst, in addition to a couple of interesting excessive thirst remedies.


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Within this video, we’re going to speak about excessive thirst. Excessive thirst is usually an indicator of another thing happening. We’re likely to cover why you may be experiencing excessive thirst, and how to handle it.

A couple of reasons for excessive thirst:

1. Habit

Many people drink lots of water simply from habit, but they’re not necessarily thirsty. However, consuming lots of water and never exercising can lead to an ailment known as hyponatremia. Hyponatremia is really a situation in which you have low sodium.

2. Diabetes

Should you overeat of sugar, or you’ve got a bloodstream sugar problem, this might lead you to shed more pounds water. This lack of water will trigger something inside your brain that informs you to definitely drink more water. With this particular situation, we’re speaking about diabetes.

3. Low potassium

Should you not eat vegetables, and you aren’t going for a potassium supplement, you can become potassium deficient. A potassium deficiency alone might cause excessive thirst.

4. High sodium

An eating plan full of sodium and occasional in potassium might cause excessive thirst. Foods with hidden sodium like MSG may also cause this problem.

5. Drugs (diuretics, steroids, psych drugs)

Certain drugs may cause excessive thirst.

6. High calcium

Getting high levels of calcium within the bloodstream is known as hypercalcemia. This problem can trigger similar effects to diabetes, including excessive thirst. One rare reason for hypercalcemia is cancer. Other potential causes might be hyperparathyroidism, lithium, or high levels of vitamin D.

Remedies for excessive thirst:

• Drink when you are thirsty

• Get enough ocean salt in what you eat (about 1 teaspoon.)

• Jump on a minimal carb diet

• Consume plenty of foods full of potassium

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Thank you for watching! You might want to consider trying these excessive thirst remedies.

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