Empowering Neurologist: Genomics, Sambucas, and Andrographis – COVID-19

Among the questions about everyone’s minds is due to why many people have such trouble with this particular COVID-19 infection. Yes, we all know the seniors and individuals with underlying health conditions are more inclined to have serious complications, but we certainly see lots of apparently healthy people with significant issues too.

Might there be genomic influences on outcome? It appears as though this may be the situation. Which is the topic of our discussion with Harvard-trained Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen (https://resilienthealthaustin.com/clinicians/) on The Empowering Specialist.

 In accessory for our overview of the function of genomics as it requires an individual’s reaction to coronavirus infection, Dr. Hausman-Cohen reveals some quite interesting data concerning the role of two supplements, Sambucas ­and Andrographis, in immunity in addition to infections particularly.

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