EAT THIS For Incredible Health Benefits & LONGEVITY (Unlocking The Keto Code) | Steven Gundry

I had been wrong!

And I’m only some of the one.

Ends up, health care professionals all over the world were wrong about how exactly the keto diet works.

But guess what happens?

I embrace discovering I’m wrong. Actually, it motivates me!

The thing is, I’m dedicated to RE-searching, meaning ongoing to ‘look again’ at our current mainstream health beliefs looking for the reality.

So with this episode, I share newer and more effective, groundbreaking research along with you concerning the ketogenic diet.

Plus, I additionally provide a sneak look into my new book, Unlocking the Keto Code – Open to purchase here –

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About this episode you’ll learn:

A brief history from the ketogenic diet – and why it is more and more popular during the last many years

Why 60% of individuals on the traditional keto diet FAIL – and just what makes MY form of the keto diet incredibly simple to follow (and very effective)

Why many people can apparently eat anything they want and turn into thin (while some CAN’T) – and just what it might mean to improve your health

The Actual cause of “stubborn fat” that simply won’t budge – and the way to “hack” the body to make use of fat as energy

The greatest MYTH about ketones – and the way to get ALL the advantages of a ketogenic diet – without going keto!

The true secret to efficient wind turbine, a slim physique, along with a lengthy healthy existence (and why it isn’t ketones)

The #1 change you need to implement TODAY to possess a maximum effect on your wellbeing, weight and durability (it’s nothing related to your food intake)

My ideas on “Hard Ketones”, the keto-friendly liquor company – and just what I suggest rather to get a proper way to obtain MCT’s

Full notes and transcript here –

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