EAT THESE FOODS To Boost Brain Health & LIVE LONGER! | Max Lugavere & Steven Gundry

It’s the unfortunate truth that each 67 seconds someone in the usa develops Alzheimer’s.

The good thing is, my guest, states there’s really a method to beat the data – and also the option would be sitting in your fridge!

Actually – New You are able to Occasions bestselling author Max Lugavere states there’s an essential link between what food you’re eating as well as your brain health.

About this episode, Max and that i share revelations from his new, exciting book, Genius Kitchen, and just how “eating just like a genius” will help you experience peak mental health.

About this episode you’ll learn:

– Exactly what it way to “eat just like a genius” – and just how it might improve your existence for that better

– Why Max views standard dementia treatment to become “minimally effective” – and also the promising new information on diet and brain health

– Why the APOE4 gene doesn’t determine your fate – and just how anybody might help lower their chance of dementia (regardless of their genetics)

– Why coffee lovers might be better shielded from certain illnesses – and how to proceed should you not like coffee

– The actual reason foods like frozen treats and chips are extremely addicting (and why it isn’t your fault should you overindulge) – plus, how you can snack for your heart’s desire without putting on the weight

– How you can enjoy fries without notice (without destroying your wellbeing)

– Why Max recommends getting these 3 kinds of salt – and cooking techniques for much better health insurance and more scrumptious food

– The “cognitive multivitamin” that’s likely inside your fridge at this time – and why you need to eat it every single day

– Why cooking “low and slow” is known as more scrumptious and nutritious

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