Eat MORE foods, worry LESS | Ep146

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Calories in, calories out…

Nutritional cholesterol will lift up your levels of cholesterol…

Eating fat could make you fat…

I am sure you’ve probably heard many of these before.

Well, my guest today states these so-known as “diet facts” are not true.

He’s Tim Spector, a specialist in gut health insurance and a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London. He’s even the author from the bestselling book The Diet Plan Myth. His newest book in paperback is Spoon-Given: Why just about everything we’ve learned about meals are wrong.

As well as on today’s episode, Tim and that i are likely to bust these myths Available, explain why breakfast isn’t the most significant meal during the day, and discuss one much-maligned food that’s really GREAT to improve your health.

Within this episode, you’ll learn:


01:45 The SHOCKING reason most diets fail

08:45 A “hunter gatherer secret” for much better gut health

13:45 Why breakfast might really be hurting your wellbeing

25:30 Why eating THIS fatty meals are “like going for a probiotic”

30:15 How you can eat MORE food, while feeling healthier and worrying LESS

35:25 How to be your personal pharmacist (and why to help you live longer)

38:00 Nobody controls what food you’re eating (and you skill about this

46:15 The rainbow answer to a effective diet

47:45 The “healthy” oil you most likely have to avoid should you carry the ApoE4 gene (and also the substitute oil you need to eat rather)

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