Eat fat and carbs (like this!) | Ep151

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40 years ago, most nutritionists agreed: fat — especially saturated fats — caused the coronary heart.

But despite decades of low-fat orthodoxy, individuals have only be sick, more obese, and much more diabetic.

Well, my guest today will show you precisely why we lost our way and also the dietary research that proves why fat isn’t your enemy in the end.

Dr. Arthur Agatston is known for allowing the South Beach Diet now he will explain why his new keto-friendly version might be much more advantageous to improve your health.

We are likely to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of keto, what’s REALLY raising bloodstream sugar levels, and the reality regarding fruit.

We are two “old timers” who’re more than pleased to speak about where we went wrong previously and just what the most recent science states concerning the keto diet, diet, diabetes, and far, a lot more.

Within this episode, you’ll learn:

02:05 – Why high cholesterol levels might not be the very best indicator of cardiovascular disease (and why low-fat diets Aren’t effective)

05:55 – How you can burn off fat more proficiently on the low-carb diet (and why it requires greater than 2 days)

07:00 – Why THIS habit can lift up your bloodstream sugar and prevent you from losing fat

10:05 – 3 ways to create lower high bloodstream sugar levels (and it is simpler than you believe)

13:45 – Ways you can get the advantages of keto without carrying out a strict high-fat diet

16:25 – The shocking results of removing fat from your food (and just how it’s really made us sicker and fatter)

19:35 – The #1 fat myth (and also the “unhealthy” fat you need to really eat Much more of)

23:30 – Why you need to NEVER blame yourself for breaking an eating plan

29:20 – What we have become incorrectly about fruit (and why it may be inside your health)

33:15 – Why it’s difficult to become a healthy vegan

36:00 – The “heart healthy” oils which are really like “tinkering with your wellbeing”

37:30 – The straightforward remedy for keto flu (you just need a teaspoon, a glass water, which)

44:15 – Why water fasting can really be harmful

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