Dr. Stephanie Estima: Menopause is a superpower (and other hormone surprises) | Ep171

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Based on research conducted recently, up to 50 % of yankee women have a problem with hormones.

So, what gives? So why do a lot of women have a problem with hormone issues? And so why do these problems so frequently go undetected by doctors?

Well, my guest today is here now to reply to individuals questions…

Not just that, but she’ll reveal the way your hormones are Really a secret superpower….

And just how balancing your hormones will help you enjoy better health, better physiques, better sex, and minds.

She’s Dr. Stephanie Estima, a chiropractor, having a special curiosity about functional neurology, metabolic process and the body composition. She’s even the creator from the Estima Diet, host from the Better Podcast and author from the Gloria Body.

Within this episode Dr Estima shares her method of healing: modern science combined with ancient knowledge that will help you — or even the women inside your existence — find health

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About this episode you’ll learn:

Why a lot of women feel “at war using their bodies” – and 4 changes in lifestyle to help you experience better health insurance and much more comfortable the monthly period (4:00)

This can be why you aren’t seeing results around the ketogenic diet – and just what it is due to hormones (6:00)

The frightening truth behind the reason for the “hormone imbalance epidemic” – and signs that the body might be requesting help (13:00)

Why your hormones could be to blame if you are battling to shed weight – and my “after dinner” trick to obtain back in line (16:00)

What every lady must do before thinking about hormone substitute theory – and why it’s works (22:00)

Why the monthly period(as well as menopause) should be thought about “super powers” – and just how better understanding your hormonal health can lead to higher energy, better moods, and sex (29:00)

Why you need to do this if you are a lady experiencing decreased libido (it’s simple, safe and simply accessible) (34:00)

Dr. Stephanie’s opinion on fasting for ladies – and the way to intelligently fast for much better health insurance and a slimmer psychique (43:00)

The unfortunate reason many women’s signs and symptoms are ignored by doctors – and 6 ideas to better advocate on your own TODAY (53:00)

Pointed out about this episode:

The Gloria Body by Dr. Stephanie Estima – order here!

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