Dr. Mercola + Dr. Gundry – the most controversial episode yet? | Ep152

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Using the lockdown in position for more than a year now, we’re all in an all-time high with regards to frustration, and utter confusion.

This is exactly why with this episode, I’ve introduced inside a special guest to talk about HIS thoughts about everything which has been happening — and it will result in certainly one of my most questionable episodes yet.

He’s Dr. Frederick Mercola, an alternative treatment guru, multiple New You are able to Occasions best-selling author, and founding father of natural health website Mercola.com.

Dr. Mercola hasn’t shied from debate. His work has elicited debate over the medical and non-medical community alike – and the new book, The Reality Regarding COVID-19, isn’t any exception.

Actually, Dr. Mercola and that i do share different beliefs around the matter – such as the origin from the virus and the potency of the vaccine. However, I believe it’s very important – especially with regards to your wellbeing – that you simply stay educated and also have every opportunity to help make your own decisions.

The like this episode, Dr. Mercola and that i discuss evidence all around the origins, impacts, prevention, and management of COVID-19. We share the way you you can best support your lengthy-term health.

About this episode you’ll learn:

What certain research states concerning the origins of COVID-19 (this might surprise you)

The main one health fix that Dr. Mercola states may help enhance your defense mechanisms and perhaps help avoid the spread of COVID-19

The harmful component hiding in lots of of the foods (hint: it isn’t sugar) – and just how it might improve your possibility of developing COVID-19

The at-home, natural intervention that’s been reported to assist with COVID-19 (It’s nearly free and it is available to everybody)

7 scrumptious foods you need to eat regularly to aid your wellbeing along with a powered-up defense mechanisms

3 supplements almost everybody ought to be taking to aid their own health – and why they might be much more advantageous throughout the pandemic

Dr. Mercola’s simple rule to lowering your chance of experiencing residual signs and symptoms of COVID-19

The surprising link between viral illness and also the GUT – and also the gut-supporting vitamin you should know about

Who’s MOST prone to struggling with COVID-19 (it isn’t always the seniors) – and the way to limit your risk

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