Dr. Gundry's Ultimate Guide to Lectins

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Dr. Gundry’s Ultimate Help guide to Lectins

Okay, so lectins are proteins which help plants safeguard themselves. But, what exactly are they, exactly?

Well, for that scientists available, a lectin is really a “carbohydrate-binding protein of non-immune origin that agglutinates cells.” However, throughout us – who read individuals words and find out gibberish:

A lectin is a kind of protein (prone to various illnesses, bacteria, and infections) that forces carbs (sugars, starches, and fibers) to clump together as well as affix to certain cells within your body by consuming them.

And individuals lectins may cause painful or uncomfortable physical responses, including:

● Digestive issues

● Leaky Gut

● Bloating

● Nausea

● Gas

● Diarrhea

Beyond causing nausea, the anguish and danger of the leaky gut, or perhaps diarrhea, lectins may also prompt you to definitely put on weight, based on Dr. Gundry as he’s observed in thousands and thousands of his patients. But putting on the weight wasn’t always considered a poor factor, and it is a primary reason it’s ingrained in us to depend on lectin-wealthy foods.

Time Stamps

00:30 – What is is really a lectin

01:08 – Results of lectins on our bodies

01:42 – The “No” List

01:59 – Legumes

02:13 – Grains

02:24 – Nightshades

02:32 – Squash

02:59 – How you can Reduce Lectins

04:12 – Advantages of a lectin-free diet

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