Dr. Gundry's Ultimate Farmers Market Guide

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Let us visit the Maqui berry farmers Market! Sure, browsing a farmers’ marketplace is a terrific way to see what’s local as well as in season. Along with a certified organic market is an excellent spot to shop But many of farmers’ markets can really be scams.

On how maqui berry farmers markets may potentially be scams here:

https://world wide web.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/06/21/farm-stand-fakers-50-produce-could-come-grocery-stores/415675001/

However, if you want to an authorized Maqui berry farmers Market you’re in the obvious to get some well balanced meals! Foods like bitter vegetables, Omega-3 eggs, and fresh herbs!

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-Timestamps –

00:00 Intro

00:26 Maqui berry farmers Market Scam #1

01:00 Maqui berry farmers Market Scam #2

01:39 Healthiest foods in the Maqui berry farmers Market

01:45 Brussel Sprout

02:46 Protein at Maqui berry farmers Market

02:50 Eggs

03:24 Leeks

03:46 Kale

04:09 Bitter Vegetables

04:30 Fresh Herbs

05:00 Outtro

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