Dr. Gundry says: Make THESE resolutions (skip the rest) | Ep188

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Full show notes and transcript: https://drgundry.com/Resolutions

2012 is coming.

And with a brand new year comes a clear slate…

An chance to reevaluate your existence making goals to produce what you truly want 2022 to appear like.

Yes, career, spiritual, and relationship intentions are important.

But about this episode I concentrate on health resolutions. In the end – whenever your health is taken proper care of, anything else is simpler to tackle.

And I am not speaking crazy outrageous, lose-100-pounds-in-a-month New Year’s resolutions, but small health goals you are able to really stay with.

Within my practice I’ve observed that patients who make micro goals are most effective.

The like this episode I demonstrate steps to make easy, minor alterations in your overall routine… instead of overhauling everything.

I share 5 simple resolutions that can make an extreme improvement inside your health so that you can have a longer, more happy, and much more energetic existence!

About this episode you’ll learn:

How MUSIC supports your workout goals and happiness (1:45)

The main one prescription I suggest for each patient (regardless of their own health background) – and the best way to benefit too (3:55)

What 98% of individuals with weight problems share – and just what this means to improve your health (regardless of unwanted weight) (9:48)

The “schedule change” that may empower you to definitely make huge health enhancements (even weight reduction) (10:30)

The meat that many Americans eat Every Single Day that triggers cardiovascular disease (along with other dangerous meats you need to avoid) (13:49)

2 so-thought “health foods” which are really aging you – and just what to consume rather (16:39)

The Very Best protein sources (it’s likely NOT what you believe) – and also the secret to eating the right serving sizes (19:00)

The device which has helped hundreds meet their own health goals – and just what it would do for you personally (24:30)

Why 98% of american citizens aren’t getting an adequate amount of THIS supernutrient – and strategies for easily incorporating it to your diet (29:05)

Why many people stop practicing their New Year’s resolutions after Feb fifth (and my existence-altering commitment trick to doing it in your goals) (33:00)

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