Dr. Gundry Makes – Cold Avocado Soup

It is a fact that whenever you practice Dr. Gundry’s diet you’ll wish to enjoy fruit only if it’s in season and just moderately. But, there’s one superfood that’s the best to individuals rules. It’s the avocado… and you may enjoy an avocado each day. This recipe will help you to get much more avocado to your diet!

Cold Avocado Soup Recipe

2 – avocados, reduce chunks

3 – stocks of celery, reduce pieces

1 tablespoon – lime juice (~half a lime)

chopped scallions

1 – clove of garlic clove

1 teaspoon – pepper and salt (season to taste)

1 cup – Water (pretty much with respect to the preferred consistency)

Step One

Add all ingredients towards the blender and turn it on! (Water as well as Essential olive oil can help the blender run and get your preferred consistency).

Step Two

Pour right into a bowl and set in to the fridge for around an hour to relax.

Step Three

Enjoy! This nice chilled bowl of avocado soup is the best meal for just about any season.

Why would you eat avocado every single day? Read here to discover avocado benefits that support all around health as part of a healthy diet plan filled with fruits and vegetables. There’s grounds that it’s a Dr. Gundry approved superfood.

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