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Dr. Gundry solutions useful questions from his viewers about diet and health. In the current episode, Dr. Gundry solutions the issue: “Does preparing food with prebiotic fiber destroy the fiber?”

Prebiotic fiber will help improve your body’s digestive health – and then the all around health game. Prebiotic foods feed the great bacteria. and without one, we’re able to be in danger of a leaky gut. Therefore it is understandable to concern yourself with cooking prebiotic foods and ruining the precious prebiotic fibers. Watch to discover the solution!

SO, Precisely What ARE PREBIOTICS?

Well, prebiotics really are a specific kind of fiber used mostly from your good gut bugs as a kind of fuel.

With the aid of prebiotics, your good gut bugs can make the substances they require to be able to acidify your gut. However these substances will also be important simply because they may serve as an origin of nutrients for that cells inside your colon.

Can you explain that important?

Well, because nutrients are damaged lower for their final form by enzymes baked into your intestinal wall. So, the greater-nourished individuals cells are, the greater efficiently they are able to process the nutrients all of your body requires to be able to remain healthy.

And prebiotic fiber sustains your “good” gut bugs – so they’re in a position to double lower and work overtime to enhance how good nutrients are absorbed inside your digestive system.

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