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Dr. Gundry solutions useful questions from his viewers about diet and health. In the current episode, Dr. Gundry solutions the questions: “Will a keto diet raise my cholesterol?” and “Will resistant starches kick me from ketosis?”

Finally, not every fats are produced equal. Ketogenic fans don’t usually decipher between all the various kinds of fats they consume. But, would be the fats in bacon and butter identical to the fats within an avocado or perhaps a tablespoon of essential olive oil? Not a way, no how. Actually, one recent report clearly illustrates that vegetable ‘fats’ (like monounsaturated fats in essential olive oil) decreased plasma cholesterol whereas animal fats (like fatty foods) tended to improve plasma levels of cholesterol.11 So, not every fats are produced equal.

So, if you are putting an excessive amount of heavy cream sticking to your lips, it will not metabolize exactly the same means by the body because the omega-3 fats present in essential olive oil. Omega-3s can help fat-burning genes within the liver. Evidence suggests the chance that regular use of omega-3 essential fatty acids may influence fat metabolic process which help enhance your heart health.12 Main point here: Swap your bacon fat and butter for that omega-3s in olive oil… you’ll become a lot more efficient at losing fat.

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