Do THIS instead of going to the gym | Ep158

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Everyone knows exercising will work for us, so why do So difficult to remain motivated?

Well, on today’s episode, I have introduced inside a fitness instructor to speak by pointing out “dos” and don’ts” of exercise.

Jennifer Cohen is really a best-selling author centered on helping people build healthy habits they are driving positive behavior change. She’s even the Chief Operating Officer at Suprema Fitness and also the host from the Habits & Hustle podcast.

Today, Jennifer and that i are likely to discuss the straightforward hacks will make exercise a simple a part of your routine and also the 3 steps you can take Right now to start enhancing your physical and mental abilities.

Within this episode, you’ll learn:

An excellent simple trick to suit more exercise into your health (4:15)

Ways to get “addicted” to workout (and just what that is one GOOD factor) (6:15)

The very best exercise for literally everyone (and it is NOT what you believe) (10:25)

Why carrying this out embarrasses my spouse Cent (and why that’s really grounds to help keep doing the work) (13:30)

What a lot of people get WRONG concerning the food they eat (17:20)

How to take down likelihood of getting dementia up to 80% (also it will not even set you back a cent) (23:30)

The exercise that even much better than walking (and as easy) (24:45)

Two amazing exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere (whilst you are “binge watching” Netflix!) (27:30)

Why a lot of children are so inactive (and the best way to help) (34:30)

The “shrug secret” from the world’s longest-living people (41:00)

How to begin physical fitness — even though you NEVER exercise (you may also get it done while you are cooking dinner) (42:15)

The reality regarding supplements and fasting (should you fast, you will want to listen to this) (46:30)

Full Show notes:

Pointed out about this episode:

Jennifer Cohen’s official website


Habits & Hustle podcast


No Gym Needed (purchase on Amazon . com)

The Power Paradox (available these days — order your copy here)

It Is Good to Suck at Something by Karen Rinaldi

My conversation with Karen Rinaldi

038: Failure is healthy: Here’s why.

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