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This episode is about good vibrations – and we’re NOT speaking peace, love, and good vibes.

We’re speaking about whole-body vibration therapy and just how a regular “shake up” might help manage discomfort, improve your fitness performance as well as support a proper defense mechanisms.

My guest, Dr. Jason Conviser—chief medical consultant for Power Plate—discusses the health advantages of whole-body vibration. He’s a Ph.D. in exercise physiology/cardiac rehabilitation as well as an MA in exercise physiology, and it is most widely known for his use patients coping with metabolic syndrome, weight problems, and supplying exercise techniques for individuals who’ve “given up”.

We’ll discuss how Power Plate, a vibration platform utilized by celebrities and pro athletes, will help you boost levels of energy, support healthy bone strength and density and enhance your overall quality of life—even if you are not big on exercise.

About this episode you’ll learn:

The device you have to supplment your home that will help you prepare, perform, and get over exercise

How athletes and space travelers use vibration to stimulate their muscles for elevated performance

How you can improve your regular workout – without coming to a major changes

The simple trick to moving better and burning more calories

Why Power Plate over other entire body vibration platforms?

The Way I dramatically improve my exercise routine a lot sooner

One way physiotherapy patients easily get over injuries while increasing versatility (40:45)

The best way to pay considerably less for any existence-altering device

How you can refresh your entire body in just a few minutes every single day

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