Core Strength Trainer Exercise – Intermediate

Build strength in your house fitness workout sessions with this particular device.

Try these exercises, within this exercise workout.

Appropriate for brand new starters.

Individuals who feel there is a weak core.

Individuals who might find it difficult to do these exercises within the conventional way.

Exercises such as the pushups, sit-ups as well as the scissor kicks are simpler to attain.

Exercises or Target Position for this Equipment:

– Forearms & Biceps

– Triceps

– Sit-ups

– Scissor kicks

– Pushups

– Bicycle Kicks

Core Strength Trainer Exercise – Intermediate

Workout Structure:

Rest half minute between Sets


GFGV = Next Exercise

– Stabilised Pushups

– Shoulders & Arm Press

– Tricep muscles Dips

– Shoulders & Arm Press

– Tricep muscles Dips

– Shoulders & Arm Press

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