Coping with Alzheimer's Impact on Loved Ones – with Patti Davis | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 141

Our primary regions of interest and outreach continues to be Alzheimer’s prevention. With 6.two million Americans transporting this diagnosis, with no significant treatment around the corner, exploring how lifestyle choices influence risk is much more important than ever before.

There’s another area of the Alzheimer’s story that’s also looking for attention. Which is the outcome this diagnosis is wearing the families, family members, and caregivers associated with Alzheimer’s patients.

Nobody is ready for what is coming up next when a relative is afflicted with Alzheimer’s. And I will tell you that does not just in the outlook during a specialist, but in the outlook during my day-to-day interactions with my dad who was a victim of the condition.

When Alzheimer’s is diagnosed inside a parent or spouse, or perhaps in any family member for instance, we come in person having a challenge that forces us to understand more about our value systems, our ideas on self-worth, and certainly us dynamics.

Our guest today, Patti Davis, recounts the panorama of challenges she experienced as her father, President Taxation, was initially diagnosed after which declined with Alzheimer’s. Her new book, Floating within the Deep Finish, is powerfully emotional and simultaneously deeply instructional, lovingly gifting important tools to assist using the challenges of coping with an Alzheimer’s patient. This can be a circumstance which will affect a lot of people, which are really important training.


Patti Davis may be the author of numerous books, such as the Lengthy Goodbye. Her support group, Beyond Alzheimer’s, has become licensed at Geisinger Clinic in Pennsylvania and Cleveland Clinic in Vegas. She resides in Santa Monica, California and it is readily available for virtual interviews and occasions.


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