Chef Jimmy Schmidt: The #1 home-cooking mistake | Ep168

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Increasingly more people are cooking in your own home nowadays.

And that is very good news — since home cooking is the easiest method to control what food you’re eating and manage your wellbeing.

But how will you help your house be-cooked meals truly remarkable?

Well, that helped me to out, I am became a member of by my pal and award-winning chef Jimmy Schmidt.

Jimmy is really a three-time James Beard award-winning chef, who’s opened up restaurants over the U.S., written several books about cooking, and it has labored beside me since 2004 to build up special collaborative dinners exploring taste and dietary development.

About this episode, Jimmy and that i talk about the actual process of cooking. We explain how to locate the best ingredients, share the tips for creating awesome flavors, and explain the most popular mistakes many home cooks make (and the way to fix them).

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About this episode you’ll learn:

Why perfecting THIS skill makes cooking fun and stress-free (plus, the food will taste better too) (15:00)

Why this SUPER common cooking mistake is departing the food dry — and HALF as flavorful (and how to proceed rather) (24:00)

How to locate the healthiest, most scrumptious ingredients without emptying your wallet (29:00)

2 of the very most essential (but less frequent) kitchen tools every “home chef” must have – and how they may bring your cooking one stage further (30:00)

What MOST restaurants never clean… you will find, the food Could be affected!(33:00)

The frightening truth about CORN as well as your health — and also the surprising foods that corn is hiding in (you’d NEVER suspect #3!) (39:00)

Why everybody must have a “library of ocean salts” within their kitchen — you will find, there is a RIGHT and WRONG method to use each kind of salt! t (45:00)

Pointed out about this episode:

Jimmy’s Website

One Mad Chef

The Power Paradox: How to proceed Whenever Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has up and Gone

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