Cancer Spreads into Inflammation

There’s something essential you must know about cancer and inflammation. Look at this.




:17 Cancer cells and macrophages 

1:48 Does cancer migrate into regions of inflammation?  

2:40 Tumors and also the activation of cancer 

3:04 Inflammation and also the defense mechanisms

3:09 The objective of inflammation

3:35 What would you do?

Today we’re going to speak about the distributing of cancer. What really kills many people with cancer may be the migration of cancer. But, is that this migration random, or will it consume a pattern?

Credible data shows that cancer cells were produced or produced from macrophages. Macrophages are an element of the innate defense mechanisms. Macrophages really eat debris, infections, bacteria, plus much more. Many cancer cells even become macrophages. They really eat T cells, red bloodstream cells, and platelets. 

Macrophages migrate to tissues that require healing—areas of inflammation. Lots of different cancers will migrate towards the liver, lung area, and bone. These areas could be vulnerable to inflammation. Macrophages originate from monocytes, that can come from bone marrow. This may be why there might be a range of cancer towards the bones. It appears cancer has a tendency to migrate into regions of inflammation. There’s a reputation for this, that is “inflammation oncotaxis.”

It is also known that tumors can reoccur after many years to be in remission. This means that cancer usually stays dormant for several years. Yet, it may be reactivated by inflammation, even in a distant location in your body.

Inflammation could both make the distributing of cancer along with the activation of dormant cancer. Inflammation, generally, may also weaken the defense mechanisms. 

Inflammation is really a reaction to:

• Infection

• Injury 

• Trauma

• Stress 

• Oxidation

• Elevated bloodstream flow

• Elevated white-colored bloodstream cells

• Autoimmune conditions 

What would you do?

I believe you would be wise to positively and strongly keep inflammation from the body. In my opinion the 2 how to do that are:

1. Intermittent fasting

2. Keto 

A couple of natural things you could do this:

• Vitamin D


• Stinging nettle root

• O2 therapy 

• Omega-3 fatty acids 

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Thank you for watching! I really hope this can help you best understand cancer and inflammation.

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