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Ascorbic Acid is most likely among the first stuff you achieve when ever you are feeling a chilly or flu developing. And even for good reason – this vitamin is known for its immune-boosting qualities.

Ascorbic Acid also boasts lots of other benefits for your system – that might tempt you to definitely stock up about this nutrient even if you aren’t sniffling and sneezing.

But have you ever wondered if there’s this type of factor as an excessive amount of ascorbic acid? It’s an issue worth thinking about. In the end, bodies are a complicated system that needs a proper balance of nutrients to function to the very best of its potential. So when individuals nutrients get free from balance? The body will pay the cost.

So, if you are wondering just how much ascorbic acid is simply too much, Discover the shocking truth or visit the official Gundry Blog and discover more:

Ascorbic Acid FOODS

Lots of people could possibly get sufficient causes of ascorbic acid through their diets. Here are a few great Gundry-approved foods to test:

Cooked broccoli: 54 mg per ½ cup

Cooked bok choy: 23 mg per ½ cup

Raw red cabbage: 42 mg per cup

Cooked the city sprouts: 38-52 mg per 4 sprouts

Cooked kale: 28 mg per ½ cup

Cooked or raw cauliflower: 27-29 mg per ½ cup

Cooked asparagus: 22 mg per 6 spears

Sweet taters: 22 mg per potato

Avocado: 52 mg per avocado

Bananas (in season): 52 mg per ½ cup

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