Billions Wasted Based on Fraudulent Alzheimer’s Research

Important the concept of prescription medication is to base our making decisions on seem research. As a result, it’s beyond difficult to me, for thus a lot of reasons, that probably the most foundational scientific studies associated with Alzheimer’s, printed in 2006, has been revealed to become fraudulent.

This research, reviewed within this podcast, offered to aid the following research that supported the so known as “amyloid hypothesis.” This really is essentially the concept that accumulation of beta amyloid within the mental abilities are the “cause” of Alzheimer’s. It’s not. But, vast amounts of dollars were spent, and then be spent so that they can create drugs to lessen amyloid within the brain, or prevent its formation, again, according to this fraudulent research.

Alzheimer’s is avoidable, so we conclude the podcast searching at new research that reveals some information concerning the role of diet when it comes to Alzheimer’s risk reduction.


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