Avocados | SuperFood or Super-Fad?

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Super Fruit or Super Fad is Dr. Gundry’s new YouTube series where he dives in to the wild realm of food and diet trends to look for the truth on popular foods. On today’s episode, we’re really going to speak about something REALLY exciting…

It’s been trendy for any couple of years — and it has even made its way onto junk food menus — where it more often than not costs extra.

I’m speaking about avocado.

It is a fact that whenever you practice Dr. Gundry’s diet you’ll wish to enjoy fruit only if it’s in season and just moderately. But, there’s one superfood that’s the best to individuals rules. It’s the avocado… and you may enjoy an avocado each day. But how can this be fruit the best?

Well, as it happens the avocado is among the healthiest fruits to nibble on. Avocado benefits result from the fruit’s “good” monounsaturated fats — fundamental essentials type of fats you need to feed the body. Also, the avocado is filled with useful soluble fiber and protein.

Why would you eat avocado every single day? Read here to discover avocado benefits that support all around health as part of a healthy diet plan filled with fruits and vegetables. There’s grounds that it’s a Dr. Gundry approved superfood.

Find out more about the health advantages of Avocados around the official Dr. Gundry Blog: https://gundrymd.com/benefits-eat-avocado-every-day/

The California “Superfruit” That Helps Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Time Stamps –

00:00 – Intro

00:30 – Avocados – Super Fruit or Super Fad?

00:50 – Avocado health advantages

01:40 – Avocado oil

01:56 – Guacamole

02:10 – Outro

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