Ask Gundry – Is kombucha good for you?

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Dr. Gundry solutions useful questions from his viewers about diet and health. In the current episode, Dr. Gundry solutions the issue “Is Kombucha healthy for you?”

Colorful bottles of fizzy fluids are earning modern markets seem like old apothecaries since people began consuming kombucha regularly. There is a pretty radical trend in kombucha nowadays, but do all fermented drinks and foods meet the hype? Is kombucha bad or good for you personally?

There are plenty of marketed fermented foods with health advantages available that it’s becoming progressively difficult to inform which gut health goods are legitimate and that are magnets for pathoenic agents. Understanding what to consume can occasionally become confusing.

Is kombucha bad or good for you personally? Consuming kombucha supports prebiotic and probiotic bacteria inside your gut, however, many canned kombuchas consist of sugar.

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