Ask Gundry – Can I pressure Cook Pumpkin Seeds?

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Dr. Gundry solutions useful questions from his viewers about diet and health. In the current episode, Dr. Gundry solutions the issue: “Can One Pressure Prepare Pumpkin Seeds?”

Apart from being fast and locking in several flavor, pressure cooking will also help safeguard you against lectins. Actually, the easiest way (and also the Dr. Gundry preferred way) of destroying lectins is to apply a pressure oven.2 While a pressure oven won’t destroy all the lectins in certain of the favorite foods, it may dramatically reduce their lectin content which makes them safe to eat moderately.

Now, not every lectin-wealthy foods could be “treated” by pressure cooking. But plenty can. Therefore you can also add a number of individuals foods around the Gundry “no” list back to your diet plan, however, moderately. Learn to reduce and sometimes remove lectins for any better diet.

cooking vegetables Gundry MD Lectin-wealthy foods that may be pressure cooked:

Legumes, white-colored grain, taters, tomato plants (actually, all nightshade veggies), and all kinds of squash and pumpkins.

Lectin-wealthy foods that can’t be pressure cooked:

Gluten-wealthy, wheat-based products (like pastas and grains), other kinds of grains like buckwheat or oatmeal (even gluten-free oatmeal). These should be prevented.

Find out more about the way a pressure oven activly works to remove lectins around the official Dr. Gundry Blog:

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