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This episode is backed by Dry Farm Wines.

Ever encountered toxic wine?

If you’ve read any one of my books, the reply is absolutely, positively – YES! I’m speaking about wines which are filled with among the deadliest disruptors – glyphosate, the important thing biocide in Gather.

But my guest about this episode expands the phrase a toxic wine.

Actually, he’s really built a whole business curating the cleanest wines in the world. He’s Todd White-colored, self-professed biohacker and founding father of Dry Farm Wines – a regular membership-based wine club that sources natural wines from small family farms.

Todd and that i reveal what may really maintain your glass of vino (and it is not only fermented grapes), explain what is carb-free wines are and more importantly, assist you in finding the purest (and tastiest) wines available.

About this episode you’ll learn:

The frightening truth about most wines in the shops today (and just what the Food and drug administration isn’t telling) (3:00)

Why even ORGANIC wines are not every it’s cracked as much as be – and why THIS wine is way better to improve your health (12:30)

Among the Greatest causes behind the dreaded “wine headache” (it isn’t always alcohol) – and the way to minimize the side effects (21:10)

The frightening truth about sugar content on most wines – and the way to fully realize just how much sugar is within your drink (37:45)

Why “happy hour” might be ruining your wellbeing – and why other nations have this healthier practice rather (50:38)

How to locate the healthiest wines inside your hometown (and steer clear of wine with added health-wrecking toxins) (1:02)

Pointed out about this episode:

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