Are YOU Brainwashed By Fruit? | Ep190.5

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Whether you’re just beginning on the guarana plant Paradox or you have been following my program for some time now – you’ve most likely observed: making nutritional change does not always come easy.

But you may already know, I’m here that will help you on your way to health – making YOUR lectin-free existence as basic (and scrumptious) as you possibly can.

The like this episode, I answer the questions you have about following a Plant Paradox program – including why you need to give “fruit the boot” and attractive methods to feed your good gut buddies.

The questions you have inspire me! So keep writing along with anything YOU’RE interested in.

About this episode you’ll learn:

Why a lot of people are afflicted by THIS gut ailment (without realizing it) – and just how the PP program might be able to help (5:00)

6 the best way to include resistant starch to your diet for much better digestion and all around health (6:00)

What your GUT is due to your MOOD – and just how eating this could support mental health insurance and feelings of happiness (11:00)

The key to healthy, comfortable bowel motions (and just what your stool need to look like) (18:30)

How this tasty snack props up development of “good gut buddies” (and why the meal matters) (19:00)

The gap between easy and complex carbohydrates – and also the only time I agree to eating simple carbs (like cooked carrots) (26:00)

The reality regarding “natural” sugar (along with other “sneaky sugars”) – and just how it comes even close to opium (30:00)

Why I suggest giving “fruit the boot” – and the initial step to lowering your intake (31:00)

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