Anti-candida and Anti-fungal Effects of MCT Oil

Could MCT oil for candida overgrowth help much? Look at this. 



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:05 What’s MCT oil?

:26 What’s candida?

:46 Candida overgrowth signs and symptoms

1:26 Candida overgrowth causes 

1:35 Auto-brewery syndrome

2:03 Carbohydrates and candida 

2:30 How you can eliminate candida 

Today we’re going to speak about a fascinating link between MCT oil and candida. MCT means medium-chain triglycerides. This is a kind of fat in coconut oil. There are many things in coconut oil which are anti-yeast and antimicrobial. MCT could possibly reduce candida in your body. 

Candida normally lives in your body and doesn’t create much harm. But, an overgrowth of candida can begin causing problems. Candida is really a cousin to mold and relates to fungus. 

An overgrowth of candida may cause: 

• White-colored tongue 

• Burning mouth 

• Cotton mouth 

• Dry cracked skin within the corners from the mouth 

• Bad style of the mouth 

• Fatigue 

• Decreased nutrients (B6, Essential Fatty-Acids, Magnesium, Iron, Vit A)

Candida overgrowth can happen following a person takes antibiotics, or after doing something which destroys the gut flora. 

Candida, mold, fungus, and yeast all survive carbohydrates. Eliminating sugar and lowering carbohydrates, as with the keto diet, could starve off candida. 

Candida remedies:

1. MCT oil 

2. Fasting 

3. Keto

4. Molybdenum 

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Thank you for watching! I really hope this video can help you better understand candida and why you might like to use MCT oil for candida overgrowth.

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