Alcohol Consumption and the Uric Acid Connection

You want to try everything we are able to to help keep our the crystals levels within the optimal range, typically below 5.5 mg/dl. And undoubtedly, the greatest cause of the elevation of the crystals that we’re seeing all over the world appears is the global rise in use of fructose sugar. That stated, there are more contributors towards the formation of the crystals, and one of these is alcohol.

Actually, whenever we consider the metabolic process of alcohol and notice that it directly plays a role in the development of the crystals, we should not be amazed that alcohol based drinks do actually increase the crystals. To some significant degree this will depend on which kind of alcohol is consumed, and even there are several gender-specific findings too which are important.

This will be significant information which leverages the exciting and new research being released from around the globe around the threat resulting from elevation of the crystals when it comes to our overall health. Within my new book, Drop Acidity (https://world wide, I perform a deep dive in to the science of the crystals and supply an invaluable strategy to get the crystals levels in check.


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