Açai Bowls | Superfood or Super-Fad?

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You consume only foods in the Earth or foods labeled “healthy”. You receive good exercise and lots of rest. You conserve a nutritious regimen making wellness important, yet you’re not pleased with unwanted weight loss results. Performs this seem as if you?

It isn’t your fault. As lengthy as there’s only one component with a few health benefit inside a given food, the meals marketers deem the meals “healthy.” But when all foods having a health benefit right here or there have been truly healthy, you’d be fit like a fiddle. So, so why do food marketers lie, however?

Some people blindly stick to the “health trend” without really searching in to the ingredients of the certain diet or meal. One of these simple overlooked foods are Acai Bowls. So, is Acai healthy for you? Let’s dig just a little much deeper.

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