5 Diets to Heal Your Hormones – with Dr. Anna Cabeca | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 150

Today around the Empowering Specialist I’m happy to welcome back Dr. Anna Cabeca. Her new book, Menupause, really present five different nutritional methods for women approaching or during menopause that’s specific when it comes to a ladies particular group of goals. Be it to enhance insulin sensitivity, balance immune function, get back control of excess fat, or many other goals, Dr. Cabeca has skillfully produced these recipes which are truly outstanding. This can be a quite interesting interview and I am certain you’ll relish it.



:00 Intro

3:35 The MenuPause

9:54 Excess Fat & Hormone Functionality

13:26 Weight Reduction & Metabolic process

17:32 Keto Eco-friendly Extreme

21:08 Plant Based

27:34 Carb Pause

31:34 Keto Eco-friendly Cleanse

36:05 Carb-Centric Diet

38:46 Empowerment for ladies

41:55 Conclusion



Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, OBGYN, FACOG, is triple-board certified along with a fellow of gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She’s special certifications in functional medicine, reproductive health, and bioidentical hormone substitute therapy.

Within the last twenty years, she’s offered 10,000+ women in her own private practice— and millions more through her books, videos and articles.

When her very own health required a troubling turn during menopause, she searched for the knowledge of healers all over the world. She found that medicine and time-tested natural treatments aren’t at odds. Cooperating, they’ve created indisputable results and true wellness. Using scrumptious, healing foods and straightforward changes in lifestyle, Dr. Anna reclaimed her health insurance and existence.

Fueled by her thought that every lady should be empowered and in charge of their own health and existence, she developed the Keto-Eco-friendly lifestyle, that has helped a large number of women opt from menopause misery and notice a happy transition the next stage of the lives. Together with her methods, you, too, can pass with flying colors menopause to your “second spring”, feeling the very best you have.


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